The Only Patented FDA Cleared DSEK Inserter Available

You May Significantly Improve Your DSEK Cases Utilizing the NCI® Spatula by eliminating the chance of Visco residing between the interface of your patients new graft.

"For the whole group of 10 grafts, mean ECL was 15.58% (95% CI: 13.78-17.38). This represents a mean difference of 2.4% less than the 18% ECL reported from tissue insertion using Charlie forceps through a 5mm wound (Terry 2009). This difference is statistically significant (t=-3.041, two-tailed p=0.014). The 95% confidence interval for the true difference is -4.22 -0.62." No Viscoelastics of any kind were used for the NCI® grafts.

Data provided by Devers Eye Institute. Devers Eye Institute has no financial interest in Fischer Surgical Inc./the NCI® Spatula.

Order utilizing Item number 9288 (box of 10) or 9290 (box of 2)

Click here to view video of the NCI® Neusidl Corneal Insertion Spatula.